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internal cable by Ortofon

The cable has an astonishing wide-range, clear and neutral sound.

ortofon Reference SPK Blue

The Reference SPK Blue is a perfect combination of HiFC (High performance pure copper) and silver-plated copper wires conductors. The combination may seem unusual but the result is a dynamic and high-resolution cable that reveals detailed reproduction throughout the spectrum.

Technical data

Conductor material: High performance pure copper (HiFC), silver plated copper wire 
Conductor size: 2 x 1.27 mm2
Cable diameter: 8.0 mm 
Conductor resistance: 15 mő©/m
Insulation resistance: AC 500 V/min. 
Shield: Tin mesh, Copper braid, 16 x 8/0.12 mm
Insulation material: High elastic elastomer, Polyethylene