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Drivers design

The Heart of Excellence


At the core of our loudspeakers lies our pi√®ce de r√©sistance ‚Äď PH AUDIO‚Äôs tweeter diaphragm crafted from customized¬†materials such as Thin-Ply Carbon Diaphragms¬†(TPCD), CVD Diamond, and Pure Beryllium. Coupled with a¬†well-designed¬†waveguide, this combination yields the lowest distortion and an extended frequency, setting the gold standard for audio purity.

A Foundation of Musical Grandeur


Responsible for delivering the foundation of most musical compositions, our woofers boast customized nanoscale graphene-magnesium alloy drivers. These drivers exhibit exceptional stiffness and inner damping, enabling remarkable power handling while maintaining minimal distortion. They are the bedrock upon which the symphony of sound is built.

Advanced magnet system

Our magnet systems feature substantial copper rings and a copper phase plug, effectively minimizing flux modulation and eddy current distortion. Furthermore, these copper components enhance heat dissipation from the voice coil and pole piece to the surrounding air, consequently lowering coil temperatures and minimizing dynamic compression. The outcome is an impeccable level of linearity and balance, offering a harmonious partnership with amplifier drivers.

Titanium voice coil former 

Our titanium voice coil former, together with copper-clad aluminium winding, excels in lossless force transfer, enabling exceptional transient and broad linear excursion. An innovative radial reinforced rubber surround eliminates radial resonances, preventing surround break-up even during high excursions. This synergistic combination yields remarkably low mechanical damping, resulting in ultimate clarity and the subtlest nuances of music emerging with pristine clarity.